RAMIS forms

TDS Forms

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It is recommended to use these forms from RAMIS. You will be able to download the forms from RAMIS after you login.

1. Monthly Salary Schedule: FORM IT-1(a) MONTHLY SALARY SCHEDULE (1).XLS

2. Other income under salary: FORM IT-1(b) TDS ON OTHER INCOME UNDER SALARY.XLS

3. Income from Real Property: FORM IT-2 INCOME FROM REAL PROPERTY.XLS

4. Income from Dividend: FORM IT-3 INCOME FROM DIVIDEND (1).XLS


7. Bhutanese Contract Income: FORM IT-7(b) 2% BHUTANESE CONTRACT.XLS

8. Non-Bhutanese Contract Income: New – FORM IT-7(a) NON BHUTANESE CONTRACT.XLS

9. Income from other sources: FORM IT-5 OTHER SOURCES.XLS

10. PIT Return Filing User Manual: PIT_Return_Filing_User_Manual.pdf

11. PIT Taxpayer Registration User Manual: PIT_Taxpayer_Registration_User_Manual.pdf

12. BIT/CIT Return form: CIT&BIT Return Form.xls

13. Rental Form: Rental_Form_for_Single_Owner.xlsRental_Form_for_Joint_Owners.xls

14. TDS Slabs for Salary Income: Revised TDS Schedule 14.05.2020 (Annexure III).pdfRevised TDS Schedule 04.08.2016.xls

15. Application form for availing direct tax incentives: Application form for availing direct tax incentives.pdf

16. ST and CD Exemption Form: ST & CD Form I Application for Sales Tax and Customs Duty exemption on goods and commodites.pdf

17. Exempted Organisation Registration Form: Exempt org. reg Form.pdf

18. Form to avail education expenses deduction for sponsoring underprivileged students under PIT: Form IT 10_revised.pdf

19. Undertaking letter for importing single item goods: Undertaking letter for import of single item goods under driver switching and coupling_uncoupling mode.pdf

20. Form to apply for tax clearance certificate: Form to apply for TCC.jpg